Sasebo Detachment Officer In Charge
Commander Mollie A. Bily

Sasebo Detachment Officer in Charge

Commander Mollie A. Bily
United States Navy


Cmdr. Mollie Bily graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. After graduation, she reported to USS Howard (DDG 83) where she was the main propulsion officer and engineering training officer.

Following her first division officer tour, in November 2005, Bily transferred to Pre-Commissioning Detachment (PCD) Makin Island (LHD 8). She reported aboard as the repair division officer and damage control assistant. Due to Hurricane Katrina, Bily transferred from Makin Island prior to the ship’s commissioning.

Later attending the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California, Bily earned both a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a two-year system engineering certificate. While in graduate school, she became a licensed professional engineer in the field of mechanical engineering.

Upon completion of the engineering duty officer (EDO) basic course in Port Hueneme, California, in November 2009, Bily commenced her first tour as an EDO at Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC). She was the project officer for USS Rushmore's (LSD 47) extended docking phased maintenance availability and USS Carl Vinson's (CVN 70) planned incremental availability. Both availabilities finished on time and within budget. She completed this tour as a qualified EDO.

Bily served as the mine counter measure (MCM) type desk officer for Commander Naval Surface Pacific from November 2013 to January 2015, responsible for manning, training and equipping all MCM-class ships fleet-wide. She was then handpicked to serve as a course director at the Engineering Duty Officer School, where she taught acquisition policy and maintenance processes to new EDOs. From February 2017, Bily began serving as the command’s executive officer for eight months.

Afterward, Bily returned to SWRMC where she served as the deputy waterfront operations officer. She spent the past seven months of this tour filling the vacant department head position and overseeing all maintenance and modernization for the southwest region, prior to becoming the officer in charge of SRF-JRMC Det. Sasebo in February 2019.

佐世保分所長 モリー・A・ビリー 米海軍中佐

モリー・ビリー中佐は2003年に米国海軍士官学校を機械工学の学士号を取得して卒業した。卒業後、USSハワード(DDG 83)に配属され、主推進装置及び技術訓練士官を務めた。

2005年11月に最初の部門士官としての異動先として、就役前(PCD)のマッキンアイランド(LHD 8)に配属され、修理部門の責任者及びダメージコントロールアシスタントを拝命した。しかし、ハリケーンカトリーナのため、就役前にマッキンアイランドから異動した。


2009年11月にカリフォルニア州ポートヒューネムで技術担当官(以下EDO)の基本コースを修了すると、EDOとして最初の勤務地となる南西地区造修統括本部(以下SWRMC)に配属された。そこではUSSラッシュモア(LSD 47)の拡張入渠段階工期とUSSカール・ビンソン(CVN 70)の計画的な追加工期のプロジェクトオフィサーを務めた。双方の工期は期日内に且つ予算内に終了し、資格のあるEDOとしてこの任務を完遂した。