June 13, 2022

Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement


As the Commanding Officer for U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility and Japan Regional Maintenance Center (SRF-JRMC), I am fully committed to national policies regarding equal treatment of all SRF-JRMC employees and applicants for employment. Our readiness and support of the SEVENTH Fleet and the Department of Defense national security mission depends on the contribution of every member of our workforce.

Equal opportunity is recognized as an essential element of readiness. The successful attainment of our operational objectives rests in large part on our ability to attract, develop, and retain a top-quality workforce. It is essential that Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is fully integrated into our mission with demonstrated commitment from leadership at all levels.

EEO policies and programs extend to all management practices and decisions, including recruitment and hiring practices, appraisal systems, promotions, and training and career development programs. Our people are our most important asset; and it is our people that set us apart from any other organization. Therefore, our employee selection process is vital to our success. All personnel actions must be made on the basis of merit and without regard to race, color, age, religion, national origin, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), genetic information discrimination, pregnancy, physical/mental disability, or reprisal.

All military members shall be afforded equal opportunity without discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex or national origin (including sexual orientation and gender identity). I request all personnel at every level to take an active role in preventing discrimination, and under no circumstance will reprise against a member filing a complaint be tolerated. Military members who encounter what they perceive to be discrimination may use the informal, formal, or anonymous reporting process. Individuals in the review or investigative process will be free from interference, coercion, discrimination, or retaliation during all facets of the submission and processing of a grievance and any time thereafter. Retaliation will be reported immediately to a supervisor, Command managed Equal opportunity Officer, the Commander, or the Inspector general. Military members using the EO process must report incidents while still assigned to the activity where the incident occurred.

Managers and supervisors, supported by EEO and Human Resources personnel, are responsible and accountable for successful policy and program administration. Energetic support from our managers and supervisors throughout SRF-JRMC is essential to achieving Equal Opportunity for Military and Equal Employment Opportunity for USCS Civilians, Master Labor Contract (MLC) and contracted personnel. I expect every member of our workforce to take responsibility for implementing and enforcing the EEO policy. Together, we will ensure all Military, MLC, USCS civilians and contracted personnel are able to serve and work in a fair and equitable environment enabled by trustworthy leadership, continuous communication, and compliance with applicable Navy directives.

Avenues of redress. Military members may use any appropriate avenue open to them by contacting their respective Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO), CTTC Pablo Britos, 243-3972 or Pablo.Britos@srf.navy.mil.  U.S. Civilian employees and contracted personnel may use any or by sending e-mail correspondence to: M-YO-CNRJEEO@fe.navy.mil.  Any MLC employee can report concerns or incidents of wrongdoing to their chain of command or to the Command Inspector General Hotline by phone at 243-1115 or e-mail: srfjrmc.ighotline@srf.navy.mil or in person to a C101IG representative.










すべての車人は、人種、宗教、肌の色、性別、または出身国(性的指向や性同一性を含む) に基づく差別を受けることなく、機会均等が与えられます。私は、あらゆるレベルのすべての従業員に対して差別の防止に積極的な役割を果たすことを要諮します。いかなる状況においても、苦情を申し立てたメンパーへの報復は許されません。差別であると認識していることに遭遇した軍人は、非公式、公式、または匿名の報告プロセスを使用することができます。レビューまたは調査プロセスの対象となった者は、苦情の提出と処理中及びその後も、干渉、強制、差別、または報復から守られます。報復は、監督者、部隊管轄下の機会均等オフィサー、司令官、または監察官に直ちに報告されます。EOプロセスを使用する軍人メンバーは、インシデントが発生した部隊に所属したままの状態で、インシデントを報告する必要があります。


管理職及び監督者は、EEO及び人事担当者の支援のもと、方針とプログラムに適切に従う責任があります。SRF-JRMCの管理職及び監督者全員による積極的な支援は、軍人に機会均等、車属と基本労務契約 (以下MLC)従業員及び契約社員に雇用機会均等を適用するために不可欠です。部隊のすべての従業員はE印方針を適用-実践する責任を担います。軍人、MLC従業員、軍属及び契約社員が、信頼できるリーダーシップ、継続的なコミュニケーション、及び関連する海軍規程の遵守により構築される公平、且つ、公正な環境で働けることを、従業員全員の協力により実現します。


是正手段。 軍人は部隊主管機会均等( EO )アドバイサーに連絡して、適切な手段をとることができます。軍属及び契約社員は海軍省EEOオフィスの日本支部243ー9579に電話するか、M-YO-CNRJEE0@fe navy.milにメールし、適切な手段をとることができます。MLC従業員はだれでも、指揮命令系統を通じて懸念や不法行為を報告するか、部隊監察室ホットラインに電話(243ー1115) またはeメール  (srfjrmc.ighotline@srf.navy.mil) するか、個別に C101IG の担当者に相談することができます。