Our Philosophy:

  • The men and women of SRF-JRMC are the heart of our success. We are dedicated to our mission of keeping the 7th Fleet operationally ready. Each member of our diverse team has an important role and contributes to the accomplishment of our mission.
  • We lead with humility by fostering an atmosphere supportive of open, constructive and honest communication. We strive to communicate and enhance our bilingual capability and work together to ensure every individual is engaged.
  • We respect every individual by continuously conducting ourselves with integrity, being vigilant for the safety of others, ensuring our command is free of harassment and discrimination, and protecting our environment and its natural and cultural resources. We ensure our people are properly trained and equipped to perform our mission.
  • We relentlessly learn and innovate to improve our performance by focusing on processes, flowing and pulling value, assuring quality at the source, and seeking perfection to accomplish our mission.
  • We apply systems thinking to ensure our processes, procedures and ship maintenance system are aligned to provide value for our ships.
  • We maintain a constancy of purpose in every action to continuously provide value for the customer to enhance 7th Fleet operational readiness by delivering first-time quality ship repair and modernization in a timely and cost efficient manner.
  • We look forward to our future, excited about its opportunities and ready for its challenges, knowing that we always live our motto... "Nandemo dekimasu!" Together, as on team, we will seek perfection and achieve excellence!