Quality Assurance Office (Code 130)


Provide assurance and confidence that SRF-JRMC maintains a well-trained and fully qualified, effective, efficient and highly creditable quality assurance (QA) organization to support the mission to provide ship repair and modernization and to “Keep the 7th Fleet Operationally Ready.”


SRF-JRMC’s QA office will be a leader in quality in the U.S. Navy, by:

  • Ensuring that all SRF processes are constantly being reviewed to ensure the latest and newest requirements are being implemented and executed.
  • Hiring and developing our management and workforce to meet the current and future SRF-JRMC mission and capabilities.


What We Do:

QA Director (Code 130)

  • Reports to the commanding officer for the organization, administration, and supervision of the QA department and other related work as assigned.
  • Oversees technical adequacy and conformance to requirements of QA program, processes and requirements in SRF-JRMC Yokosuka and Detachment Sasebo and Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific, Singapore.
  • Supports the command’s NAVSEA technical warrant holder, chief engineer (Code 240).


QA Inspection and Assessment Division (Code 133)

  • Executes Contract Administration Quality Assurance Program (CAQAP) for contractor work.
  • Plans and executes quality oversight plan for in-house, contractor and alteration installation team (AIT) works.
  • Performs oversight and government notification check point inspection and observation of contractor and AIT work.
  • Conducts procedure review, procedure evaluation and product verification inspection for contractor work; critical system inspections such as SUBSAFE, Level I material, steam plant cleanliness and O2N2; preservation work of critical coated areas; and G1N5 and G1N6 corrosion control assessments.
  • Performs in-process surveillance of in-house work.

Laboratory Division (Code 134)

** Accredited by NAVSEA 04X Laboratory Quality and Accreditation Office. 
  • Performs chemistry analyses, tests and other technical services; high quality water analysis; mechanical properties tests of metals and non-metals; quantitative and qualitative analyses for metal chemical composition; metallurgical examinations; and quality conformance tests of paints.
  • Provides technical advice for chemistry related work.
  • Conducts G67 and In-Situ sensitization analysis for 5XXX aluminum.


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Welding Division (Code 135)

  • Prepares welding work instructions and guidance, as needed for other critical welding work.
  • Implements new welding requirements, technologies and equipment.
  • Qualifies welders and brazers from SRF-JRMC and ship’s force personnel of local and visiting commands.
  • Performs NDT methods of visual, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and radiography to support repairs made to structural, piping, cast and other ship or shop components for availabilities in execution.
  • Performs oversight and government notification check point inspection and observation of contractor and AIT work.
  • Conducts surveillances of ship and shop work involving welding and brazing performed by SRF-JRMC and contractors.
  • Develops and maintains SRF-JRMC’s NAVSEA-certified level 3 examiners to ensure and maintain an effective NDT program.


Quality Management Division (Code 136)

  • Manages the command’s critique program.
  • Develops, revises and maintains QA-related instructions.
  • Translates QA related instructions and other technical documents into Japanese.
  • Conducts assessments and audits on in-house and contractor work and processes.
  • Conducts quality trend analyses based on discrepancies reports.
  • Develops, maintains and updates QA applications, such as quality information management system, commitment tracking system, electronic surveillance system, data management system, and others.
  • Develops and maintains quality assurance training programs by developing and updating training topics, plans and materials.