Lifting and Handling Department (Code 700)



We provide safe and reliable Lifting & Handling services to ships & shops supporting the 7th Fleet.




Team 700 building on a culture of continuous improvement making safety & quality our priority.



What We Do:


Lifting & Handling Director (Code 700) 

  • Reports directly to the commanding officer and is responsible for all aspects of the Lifting and Handling Program throughout SRF-JRMC.
  • Serves as Weight Handling Equipment (WHE) program manager and certifying official.


Lifting & Handling Deputy Director (C701)

  • Coordinates daily activities of engineering, inspection, test, quality assurance and maintenance divisions.


Technical Division (Code 710)

  • Provides electrical, structural and mechanical engineering guidance for maintenance, repair, and modification of WHE under Code 700’s cognizance.
  • Develops technical specifications for procurement of WHE.
  • Provides detailed planning efforts, including analysis and development of complex rigging sketches and procedures.


Inspection & Test Division (Code 720)

  • Provides electrical, mechanical and structural inspection of WHE for maintenance and certification.
  • Conducts crane testing following maintenance services.
  • Provides quality assurance oversight and internal assessments of key processes within the department.


Maintenance Division (Code 730)

  • Conducts mechanical, electrical and structural maintenance, repairs, and modifications in accordance with technical work documents issued by either the inspection or engineering divisions.
  • Coordinates short and long range crane maintenance plans with ship maintenance schedules.
  • Manages material procurement and inventory necessary for crane maintenance.


Operations Division (Code 740)

  • Performs crane operations and rigging to support production shops who perform ship maintenance.
  • Provides scaffolding support for ship maintenance.
  • Performs testing of ship’s WHE.
  • Manufactures various rigging equipment.
  • Provides inspection, maintenance, certification and inventory of approximately 9,000 pieces of rigging equipment.
  • Provides training for SRF-JRMC personnel who perform crane and rigging operations.
  • Provides accident prevention through oversight and surveillance of crane and rigging operations.
  • Investigates crane and rigging accidents in order to issue appropriate reports and safety briefs.