Information Technology and Cybersecurity (Code 109)



To facilitate U.S. 7th Fleet readiness through stable and secure systems, responsive application development and world-class customer service to the ship-fixers of U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility and Japan Regional Maintenance Center (SRF-JRMC).


SRF-JRMC's information technology (IT) services should be the best available to any comparable maintenance activity. Enabling factors are a mission-centered work ethic, a culture of compliance and security, an educated, elite, bilingual technical workforce and collaborative management.


What We Do:



Chief Information Officer (Code 109)

  • Reports to the commanding officer for the organization, administration and supervision of the IT and cybersecurity department.

Technical Support Division (Code 109.1)

  • Reports to the chief information officer for all matters regarding the local area network, wide area network, infrastructure and long haul connectivity management.
  • Develops, maintains and manages the command’s networks, telecommunications, infrastructure and cabling of information systems.
  • Administers, operates and maintains all Servers.

Cyber Security Division (Code 109.2)

  • Reports to the commanding officer and the chief information officer on all matters regarding cybersecurity policy and related administrative business processes.
  • Develops, maintains and supervises the command security programs, plans and policies.
  • Maintains a virus-free environment.
  • Upgrades installation and information assurance vulnerability alert patches.

IT Strategy & Client Services Division (Code 109.3)

  • Reports to the chief information officer on all matters regarding system analysis and programming for all command IT requirements, and management of daily operations for all hardware, software, customer support center, user training and procurement support.
  • Conducts research & development of new technologies and oversees the command’s change management program.
  • Performs web development for command intranet, SRF-JRMC internet presence and extranet as required for external activities.
  • Provides off-the-shelf software testing, installation, maintenance, user training and IT hardware and software procurement.