Environmental, Safety, Health and Radiological Controls Department (Code 106)



Provide and ensure safe and healthful work practices while maintaining environmental and radiological compliance to keep the U.S. 7th Fleet operationally ready.


Become a recognized team of respected technical experts providing dedicated high quality environmental, safety, health and radiological control services to SRF-JRMC.

What We Do:


Environmental, Safety, Health and Radiological Controls Director (Code 106)

Reports directly to the commanding officer and is responsible for keeping the occupational safety, health, environment and radiological controls functions, products and services in compliance with Department of Defense requirements and Japanese Environmental Governing Standards (JEGs).

Administrative and Engineering Division (Code 106.AE)

  • Supports implementation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), including annual safety self-assessment.
  • Conducts inspections and assessments, such as shipboard scaffolding, shore safety and ergonomic studies.
  • Manages the following programs: electrical safety and energy control, laser and radiofrequency radiation, and practical mock-up learning center.
  • Leads job hazard analyses on industrial plant equipment and machinery.
  • Analyzes inspection and surveillance data for mishap prevention and safety and occupational health program improvement.
  • Facilitates fall protection program management and training.

Industrial Operations Safety Division (Code 106.1)

  • Conducts daily safety inspections onboard ships undergoing planned repair work.
  • Investigates, reports and maintains record of mishaps, such as accident, injury and near-misses.
  • Manages the following programs: respiratory protection, including training and fit testing; personal protective equipment and clothing; hearing conservation; and hazardous material program.

Gas-Free Engineering and Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Division (Code 106.2)

  • Performs exposure monitoring in accordance with annual exposure monitoring plan.
  • Manages asbestos and lead programs, including worksite inspections, oversite and sampling.
  • Provides heat illness training and monitoring.
  • Issues gas-free certificates for confined and enclosed space during repair operations.
  • Provides technical and regulatory consultation to ensure all necessary measures are taken to eliminate command operations’ risk of fire, explosions, exposure to toxic substances, suffocation or asphyxiation.
  • Manages halogenated hydrocarbon (Freon®) program, which includes inspecting high- and medium-risk worksites and verifying that Freon has not been released.

Environmental Division (Code 106.3)

  • Ensures command’s environmental compliance with JEGS and OPNAVINST 5090.1.
  • Manages environmental programs, such as: hazardous waste; hazardous material; solid waste; wastewater; air emissions and ozone-depleting substances; drinking water; polychlorinated biphenyls; asbestos; spill prevention control and countermeasures; oil and hazardous substance spill response; pollution prevention; petroleum, oils, and lubricants; above-ground storage tanks; pesticides; historic and cultural resources; and lead-based paint.
  • Coordinates management of hazardous waste, industrial waste, industrial wastewater, solid waste and others generated by shops, codes and ship repair and continuous maintenance operations.
  • Provides waste sampling and analysis, documentation, characterization services and disposal coordination.
  • Conducts walk-through surveillances of all shops, codes and ship repair and continuous maintenance operations.
  • Plans and conducts environmental audits.

Radiological Controls Division (Code 106.R)

  • Manages and executes the radiation safety and radiological controls programs.
  • Implements NAVSEA 04N Fallout Radiological Control requirements through management of Fukushima Fallout Remediation Program, utilizing the fallout radiological controls authorization.
  • Provides contamination technician and fallout worker training.
  • Oversees X-ray radiation safety and analytical equipment programs.
  • Manages NAVSEA 04N Radiological Affairs Support Program (RASP) Contract Oversight Management Authorization.