Comptroller Department (Code 600)


Keep the 7th Fleet operationally ready through sound financial management.


We are a world class team providing the highest quality financial management, guidance, and leadership to the Forward Deployed Naval Forces (FDNF) ship maintenance, modernization and repair community. We are committed to professional expertise and integrity and maximizing financial resources to keep the 7th Fleet operationally ready.


What We Do:

Comptroller (Code 600)

  • Oversees all aspects of financial management in SRF-JRMC and reports to the commanding officer.
  • Ensures the command operates within financial management guidance prescribed by higher authority, including time, purpose and amount.


Financial Improvement Audit Readiness (FIAR) Accountant (Code 600)

  • Oversees matters pertaining to compliance with internal processes.
  • Evaluates activity performance against comptroller’s financial management standards.
  • Provides advice to comptroller to implement business process changes and recommends new changes within the command.
  • Plans financial testing of all transactions to support development of financial improvement strategies.
  • Develops policy, procedures and system change proposals.
  • Recommends corrective actions to achieve unqualified audit opinions.
  • Responds to questions, audit reports and findings from Naval Audit Service, DoD, and Department of the Navy inspector general audits.


Financial Systems Analysis Division (Code 600.1)

  • Provides technical advice to higher management for enhancement of Automated Information Management for Regional Maintenance Centers (AIM4RMC) and Standard Accounting and Reporting System Field Level (STARS FL).
  • Coordinates effective and auditable communication between Code 600 and Enterprise Resource Planning Business Office (Code 1210) to document customer requirements and supporting activities response.
  • Conducts continuous analysis of financial systems covering all aspects of financial document or information flow within the command.


Accounting Division (Code 610)

  • Provides professional accounting advice to comptroller, command management and external customers.
  • Coordinates and responds to requests for audits and financial reviews from external and internal sources.
  • Prepares and submits regular and ad hoc reports and requests for financial data to higher headquarters, Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS), and other external or internal customers.
  • Reviews, develops and implements accounting and financial policies, instructions, procedures and management controls for all areas of accounting, finance and reporting.


Budget Division (Code 620)

  • Produces budget controls and execution reports for the command.
  • Conducts financial data reviews to support command budget estimates and program objective memorandum (POM) submissions across the Future Years Defense Program (FYDP), as well as budget justification and execution.
  • Provide time and attendance support related to payroll functions for U.S. civilian and Master Labor Contract personnel labor.
  • Supports execution of permanent change of station orders from start to finish for U.S. civilian personnel.