Business and Strategic Planning Department (Code 1200)


To serve as SRF-JRMC primary customer interface responsible for providing the command’s business process framework enabled by leadership and expertise in strategic planning, work induction, financial management and contract administration services.


One TEAM, leading business process discipline through information sharing, innovation and cross-organizational collaboration in executing the departmental mission.


What We Do:

  • Business Operations Management Division (C1202)
  • Waterfront Business Services Division (C1209)
  • Business Systems and Process Engineering Division (C1210)
  • Business Process Analysis Division (C1220)
  • Business Acquisitions Division (C1240)


Business and Strategic Planning Officer (C1200)

  • Reports to the Commanding Officer for the organization, administration and supervision of the Business and Strategic Planning Department.
  • Implements and maintains SRF-JRMC capability and operations, plans, and policies.
  • Coordinates SRF-JRMC depot industrial and Fleet Technical Assistance (FTA) programming and budgeting for future fiscal years.

Business Operations Management Division (C1202)

  • Perform Business Case Analysis (BCA) of various projects for centrally managed programs that have command-wide and inter-departmental impact.
  • Facilitate and administer of the Command Strategic Plan.
  • Command POC, oversight and administer non-shipboard command Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)/ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)/ Inter-Service  Support Agreement (ISSA).
  • Command POC.  Implement policies, processes, provide training and administer the General Terms and Condition (GT&C)
  • Provide support to Project Teams, contracts, various letters, briefs, etc.
  • Provide all departmental administrative support.

Waterfront Business Services Division (C1209)

  • Develops, assists and submits budget proposals for availabilities to the Type Command and/or Maintenance Officer.
  • Supports the Advanced Planning of Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and Continuous Maintenance (CM) availabilities.
  • Supports the Other Productive Work (OPW), FTA, visiting ships, the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CPF) Berthing and Messing program, small boats and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS) CVN barge program.
  • Manage and ensure the proper execution of all ship maintenance funds.
  • Administer and provide general supervision of the Fleet Modernization Program.

Business Systems and Process Engineering Division (C1210)

  • Monitor the execution of the respective module business process as the regional module and process expert.
  • Gather and analyze module business processes to identify areas needing command attention/training.
  • Provide training to the SRF-JRMC employees and partner activities on business processes, including any changes to those processes.
  • Provide system, application and user support for the respective module business processes with the Business Tools.
  • Prepares documentation on the respective module business policies and processes in accordance with agency, major command, and local standards.


Business Process Analysis Division (C1220)

  • Lead the development and final formulation of data to support the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and Capability Plan (CP).
  • Provide analysis and metrics of the overall command business to support management decisions.
  • Review and analyze business processes.
  • Develop and promulgate the Workload and Resource Report (WARR).


Business Acquisitions Division (C1240)

  • Develop, assist and submit procurement packages for ship repair and service contracts to the Yokosuka and Puget Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) contracting offices.
  • Supports the contracting offices in negotiations, technical analysis, and scoping conferences.
  • Reports to the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CPF), Commander Navy Regional Maintenance Center (CNRMC), and Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) on contracting status for the Command.
  • Manage and ensure the proper certification training of all Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs).
  • Administer and provide general oversight of all SRF-JRMC contracted work.
  • Oversee and support the Contract Acquisition and Management Oversight (CAMO) process for overhead contracting actions including the facilitation and data analysis for the mandated contract court.
  • Advise and develop contract strategies for long term Command contracting sustainment.