Administrative Department (Code 1100)


Code 1100 provides critical support services (security, administration, public affairs, hotline and suggestion, internal audit and evaluation, training and language, and manpower actions for Master Labor Contract and U.S. Navy and civilian personnel) to keep the 7th Fleet operationally ready.


Code 1100 provides maximum customer service support in the most consistent, efficient and judicious manner and will be a department that:

  • Continually strives to meet and exceed customer's expectations for responsiveness, quality and timeliness.
  • Is courteous, professional and proactive.
  • Establishes and maintains a positive rapport, embodying the spirit of “nandemo dekimasu” ("we can do anything").


What We Do:

Administrative Officer (Code 1100)

  • Reports to the commanding officer for the organization, administration and supervision of the Administrative Department.


Command Support Division (Code 1101)

  • Audits effectiveness, efficiency and integrity of command operations via managers’ internal control program.
  • Conducts investigations involving fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement and impropriety.
  • Provides secretarial and administrative support and protocol services for commanding officer, deputy commander and administrative officer.
  • Delivers internal and public command-wide information via quarterly and biweekly newsletters, bulletin boards and official social media.
  • Liaises with Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka (CFAY) in public affairs-related matters, including on-site tours, news articles and televised coverage.
  • Prepares executive- and administrative-level Japanese/English translation and interpretation services.


Security Division (Code 1110)

  • Oversees physical, personnel, industrial and information security program requirements per Secretary of the Navy and DoD.
  • Conducts anti-terrorism, force protection, operations security and risk and vulnerability assessments.
  • Manages command parking, loss prevention program, key and lock control and issuance functions.
  • Safeguards command's classified material and controlled unclassified information.
  • Monitors and maintains personnel security clearances for all command personnel.
  • Administers security awareness, indoctrination, recurring and deficient area training.


U.S. Civilian Manpower Division (Code 1120)

  • Provides advisory services on a broad range of civilian, contractor and military manpower management functions.
  • Analyzes manpower resources support as they relate to performance and effectiveness.
  • Classifies all U.S. civilian personnel positions.
  • Provides command manpower casualty reports.
  • Liaises with the Human Resources Office (HRO) and Office of Civilian Human Resources (OCHR) for U.S. civilian personnel actions.
  • Validates and monitors revisions and updates to manpower documents.
  • Manages performance and awards program.


Administrative Services Division (Code 1130)

  • Administers naval reports.
  • Organizes, supervises and maintains the Master Directives System.
  • Coordinates, routes and controls all command correspondence postal operations.
  • Oversees Defense Message System management and official travel program to include the DoD travel card program.


Training Division (Code 1140)

  • Plans, prepares, revises and disseminates Annual Activity Training Plan.
  • Serves as central repository for all training records, statistical data and apprenticeship performance awards.
  • Administers apprentice program and Engineering and Planning Development Program.
  • Coordinates and runs technical, leadership, administrative and information technology training for command personnel and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.


Language Training Division (Code 1150)

  • Administers Defense Language Institute (DLI) English Language Center's training program.
  • Provides English language training to apprentices, other SRF-JRMC personnel and base-wide commands on a space-available basis.
  • Plans, develops and conducts special language training courses to meet specific command needs.
  • Administers American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) to measure individual English proficiency for jobs, training and class placement.
  • Provides Japanese language support and training to U.S. Navy and civilian personnel.


Master Labor Contract (MLC) Manpower Division (Code 1160)

  • Provides advisory services on issues regarding MLC regulations.
  • Manages human resource information database, incentive awards program, and uniform requests and issues for MLC employees.
  • Reviews MLC position structures and position descriptions.
  • Coordinates MLC recruitment events and activities.
  • Processes limited access authorization (LAA) security clearances.
  • Facilitates the command’s employees’ council.