C101 - Command Evaluation

Code 101 - Command Evaluation


"Provide an independent in-house assessment, designed to assist the SRF-JRMC Commanding Officer in ensuring efficient and economical use of resources, improving mission accomplishment, and sustaining command integrity."


Code 101 Will:

  • Maintain impartiality, fairness, and objectivity to seek out true solution without being influenced by counterforce for achieving the best results all times.
  • Be a voice for any employee who detects a problem but does not have the sufficient authority or means to take appropriate actions to correct the situation.
  • Be the eyes and ears of the SRF-JRMC Commanding Officer to keep her/him informed of weaknesses and areas that need to be or can be improved.

What We Do:

  • In-house Audit: Review the command operations to detect weaknesses, analyze them, and provide recommendations to help the command maintain its effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity.
  •  Managers' Internal Control: Coordinate with Department Heads in defining command-mission-critical assessable units, their performance status, weaknesses if any, correction plans for each weakness identified, and following through with outstanding weaknesses until their correction-completion.
  • Hotline Processing: Educate employees to realize importance of reporting any instance of fraud, waste, mismanagement, impropriety, or mere suggestions to improve the situation to their chain of command or to the Command Evaluation (CE) office alternatively. For those matters reported to the CE office, process them under direction of the Commanding officer.
  • Investigation: Conduct investigation when directed from the appropriate authority in the area of fraud, waste, mismanagement, impropriety, or grievance.