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Code 100CI – Continuous Improvement Office

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To advance continuous improvement in SRF-JRMC.


SRF-JRMC will be a learning organization that practices continuous performance improvement, or CPI, as part of the daily work.


What We Do:

Our Team

  • We provide a cadre of continuous improvement professionals—from black belts to green belts—who are committed to assist, train, lead and support improvement activities and innovation within SRF-JRMC. We employ the processes, principles, methods and tools drawn from Lean Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints and others. Both individuals and teams are available to support departments, divisions, shops and individuals in their effort to improve, learn and share ideas that reduce waste, decrease turnaround time and “keep the 7th Fleet operationally ready!”


Our Principles

  • Respect every individual by valuing diversity, motivation and participation; conducting ourselves with absolute integrity; enhancing communication and collaboration; being responsible for our own professional development; continuing to learn; and sharing our learning with others.
  • Focus on process by defining each problem clearly, understanding the current conditions, insisting on direct observation, relying on facts and data, identifying and eliminating waste, and keeping it simple and visual.
  • Create value for customers by communicating and building trust, seeking to understand value according to the customer, working with customers to find the best answers, demonstrating our services achieve benefits, and understanding and adapting to changes in our customers’ requirements.


Our Leadership

  • Continuous Improvement Director (Code 100CI)
    • Reports to the commanding officer for the organization, administration and supervision of the Continuous Improvement Office.
    • Serves as CPI deployment champion and supports all departments by providing policy, process and assistance in finding innovative solutions for complex challenges via continuous improvement principles, tools and methods.


  • Continuous Improvement Deputy Director (Code 100CIA)
    • Reports to director for all matters regarding execution of the continuous improvement program.
    • Develops, maintains and manages black belt teams and green belts responsible for leading projects, events, improvement activities and other related projects within SRF-JRMC.
    • Oversees CPI deployment and communication plan.
    • Captures metrics and partners with all departments to break down organizational barriers.